The best way to Fade… — Two poems from Michael Larri

Words from old lips

we’ve rolled
between sheets
of leaves for eternity.

inhaled the smokes
of our burning humanity
and led ourselves
through paths
with thorns and petals.

but hope is the idle kid
on our lips
with pants red with mud
and eyes blue with faith.

we’ll reach the open part
of this long tunnel of life.
we’ll live like fairies,
we’ll love strong
and fall harder.

we’ll live
to die with laughs
and bags of folded peace
under our eyes.

The Best Way to Fade…

in a room
full of memories
people see mirrors.

why is a rhetoric
a sharp point
punching wounds
on wishes?

i think viewing the setting sun
is a fine way to enter a mother’s tongue
a fine way to tell your story
with clouds morphing into words.

most times
in my mirror
standing near that
lamp post
with a smile in your pocket
praying and learning the songs of
midnight crickets.

then your wishes burst into form
and the smile escapes the fist
in your pocket,
and my mirror bursts into shadows.

there is no best way to fade
than in the spongy tissues of your mind
and in words written in a letter
wet with your tears.

sometimes i wish you would make do
with the memories.
other times,
i think we are butterflies
in parallel worlds
but still in the folds of the same story.

sometimes you fade and i live
and other times
there’s no fading—
just the memories
of a warm arm
and the sound of a song
too far away to pluck its lyrics.

About Michael


Michael Larry likes to think himself a fledgling in the field of writing, learning from different shades of thoughts and making what he learns his oar.

Image credits: Stella Sidiropoulou, ‘A memory fading away’ via fotoblur

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